Specially developed multi-level study program

Beginer level courses

Beginner level is for juniors in coding from the age of 12 without prior knowledge. Students learn the basics of coding, improve important digital skills, understand the difference of coding languages, and learn to use consoles and popular code editors. The course program provides a strong foundation for further IT learning. Within 4 months, the pupil is already able to code in the real environment.

Benefits in courses:
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Strong logic
  • Significant progress in school
  • Coding with Python, HTML CSS and JavaScript

Beginner 12+ | Python Juniors

Which programming language is number one today? Python! So what are you are you waiting for? Start learning as early as you can. With our super interesting live course, you will learn to create your first apps with Python. After just 2 month you will code with Python variables, logical operations, loops, functions and many more. Code your great future now!

For whom: 12-16 year old kids who wants to start learning real programming (from zero or after Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, HTML, robotics or other classes)
Course duration: Autumn semester, 16 lessons, October 4, 2021-January 17, 2022
Course schedule: online, 1 time per week, Mondays 18:00-19:30 OR Saturdays 11:00-12:30
Language: Latvian
Course price: 199 euros full course or 4x60 euros per month

Beginner 12+ | PyGame

Did you know that you can rapidly improve your programming skills with a game development? If you already code some Python, then here are the great news for you - you can develop super engaging games with Python! Join and make your own indie games and learn more advanced coding concepts.

For whom: 12-16 year old teens who already know basics of Python, can make simple codes and want to go into next level.
Course duration: Autumn semester, 16 lessons, October 5, 2021-January 18, 2022
Course schedule: online, 1 time per week, Tuesdays 18:00-19:30
Language: Latvian
Course price: 199 euros full course or 4x60 euros per month

Foundation level courses

Basic level is for teenagers from the age of 14, without prior knowledge in coding, motivated in developing coding and digital skills. During the course, they learn to create basic consoles, applications and desktops independently. Lessons are based on a practical approach, the creation of real solutions and mutual cooperation. It develops team collaboration skills and also learns how to collaborate through GitHub. The course program provides an understanding of the development of full-stack, front-end and back-end.

  • Independently looks for a solution
  • Understands of interconnection
  • Self-confidence
  • Good skills to code C #, Python, JavaScript

Foundation 14+ | PyGirls #girlsonly

It is not about being smart. It is about being cool! In this #girlsonly course you will join Luize to learn the trendiest programming language Python. PyGirls is not just a course, it is a community where you can share your interests, ideas and develop with other likeminded girls. During 4 month you will make your first Python apps and get ready for launching yourself to the digital world!
Datorium in cooperation with IT companies is offering scholarships that cover full tuition fee of this course. Scholarships are available for Latvian applicants only, places are limited.
Application deadline November 15, 2021.

Course duration: 16 lessons, 4 months, start November 20
Course schedule: 1 time per week, Saturdays, 10:00-11:30
Language: Latvian
Course price: 199 euro covered by Google and TietoEVRY

Foundation 14+ | Coding Apps with C#

C# (read: c-sharp) is a modern C style language. Our students build teams and make real applications in this course. C# is one of the top and the strongest languages currently available. Excellent to start learning professional level Object-Oriented Programming with .NET framework, which is highly demanded and widely used in practice.

For whom: 14-19 year old teens who want to know programming well for developing professional applications.
Course duration: Autumn semester, 16 lessons, October 7, 2021-January 20, 2022
Course schedule: online, 1 time per week, Thursdays 18:00-19:30
Language: English
Course price: 199 euros full course or 4x60 euros per month

Foundation 14+ | WebTech with HTML/CSS/JS

Web developer is one of the highly paid and demand professions. Start learning it at school and secure your excellent career! You will develop your own professional looking websites using the latest technologies. Do you want a secret? Alright, let us tell you one: you can get your first serious job before university 😉

For whom: 14-19 year old teens who start programming and are more into visual design and web development.
Course duration: Autumn semester, 16 lessons, October 4, 2021- January 17, 2022
Course schedule: online, 1 time per week, Mondays 19:00-20:30
Language: English
Course price: 199 euros full course or 4x60 euros per month

Foundation 14+ | Unity C# GameDev

The games industry is developing rapidly. Video games are not just about playing. Games are more realistic than ever and can give us a chance to have a life-changing experience. Game development is one of the fastest-growing industries and most demanded future professions. So, what are you waiting for?

Course duration: April 6 , 2021- July 6, 2021
Course schedule: Tuesdays 18:00-19:30
Language: English
Course price: 60 euros/month

Advanced level courses (14+ years)​

Advanced level is for young people from the age of 14 with prior knowledge of coding who want to develop their coding skills in depth. During the course, they acquire skills in systems such as Flask, Django, .NET, Node.js, React, Angular, which allows them to build complex web applications such as Instagram, Pinterest. By learning Unity/ C #, they are able to independently create games and participate in game development hackathons.

  • Improved English
  • Ability to demonstrate their projects
  • Created own project portfolio
  • Very good skills to code in C #, Python, JavaScript or other similar languages

Advanced 14+ | React Front-End Web Dev

Learn professional front-end web development with React. You should have JavaScript coding skills and know well HTML and CSS fundamentals to take this course..

Course duration: Summer online camp, June 22, 2021- August 12, 2021
Course schedule: 2 lessons per week; Tuesday, Thursday 17:00-18:30
Language: English
Course price: 199 euros full course or 2x120 euros monthly

Advanced 14+ | Python Web

If you already code in Python then join this cousre to create your Spotify style online Web music player application! You will gain excellent experience in Web app development with Python together with professional and very expericed programmer Andrew.

Course duration: April 7, 2021- July 7, 2021
Course schedule: Wednesdays 18:00-19:30
Language: English
Course price: 60 euros/month

Project level courses (16+ years)​

Project level is for motivated young people from the age of 16 with a good background in coding who want to prepare for their first IT job and gain a solid foundation for their growth. During the course, they participate in real development projects, specialize in back-end or front-end development, are able to scale applications around the world using cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Service, Google cloud, Heroku. In addition, the team collaboration skills provided and the rapidly growing Datorium community provide an opportunity to build them own team and start a start-up.

  • Convinced project portfolio
  • Specialization in back-end or front-end development
  • Project management skills
  • Ready to start a career in IT companies

Why Datorium?

  • Rapidly growing  Community bringing together Tech motivated teens
  • Course program preparing teenagers for IT careers
  • Practical lessons for Tech solution creators
  • Professional tutors with global IT work experience

Frequently Asked Questions

For every student aged 12 or above! Can you imagine a profession or business without digital technology? We cannot, because we make payments in mobile apps, we communicate with customers using various web applications, we order pizza or a taxi with our smartphones, we buy goods in online stores, we talk to friends in online social platforms, you name it. That is why we prepare young people, regardless of the chosen profession, for a modern and rapidly developing digital world. Students, who want to become professional programmers, will get a very powerful foundation and skills to successfully start their IT career.

Roughly with the same, what makes actual driving with experienced instructor different form the theoretical driving lessons. It is necessary to gain real-life skills, to make fast decisions on the road, to deal with other drivers and apply specific knowledge for each situation. At Datorium, we prepare our students allowing them to make a lot of mistakes, correct them and learn from the process. Every student uses the power of the community by discussing his/her case and getting support from both tutors and their peer students. Our leading tutors are experienced professionals from a companies with big names and who are passionate and find a common language with youth.

Yes, indeed for each course, if you will participate at least at 80% of the program and complete the courses (attendance and participation are recorded). The certificate will be issued by the “European Coding School”, which is a formal education institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.

Semester means 4 month course. We have usually 2 full semesters: Autumn semesters (September-December) and  Spring semester (February-May). We also hold 2-3 month courses during Summer.

Right now all classes are online. But when there are no restrictions, we also hold lessons at Riga schools, mostly for junior courses.

 Yes. “European Coding School” is an educational institution for children and youth registered by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. Tuition fees for all programs may be submitted to the SRS and are eligible for exemptions as expenses for education.

You can study with a desktop or a laptop computer. For better performance we recommend Intel i3/AMD3 or better processor. For your convenience, for online courses, we strongly recommend using two monitors (for example the monitor of your laptop and one additional monitor).

If you change your mind during the first month of any course, then you will be refunded 100% of paid-in fee. You can change your mind for any reason and the refund is unconditional.