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After completing Datorium powerful multi level study program our students find their dream jobs in international IT companies.

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Our in-class programming courses are held in top schools of Riga, namely Riga State 3rd gymnasium, Agenskaln State gymnasium, Riga State Classical gymnasium and Riga French Lyceum.

Online format has its own advantages, starting from giving more flexibility to the students and their parents, till intensity of the course and access to online recordings after lessons with live tutors.


Students in computer class
  • courses in Riga gymnasiums
  • lessons 1 time a week
  • 80 minutes each lesson
  • groups in Latvian and Russian
  • experienced tutors
  • powerful program
  • active student community
  • strong 24/7 support


  • modern online learning platform
  • lessons 2 times a week
  • 60 minutes each lesson
  • study language English
  • live lessons with live tutors
  • video available after each lesson
  • experienced tutors
  • powerful program
  • strong 24/7 support

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Gain modern and competitive digital skills, become competitive and conquer the global digital world!

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Join the global community of digital youth! Students from more than 20 countries and 300 schools all over world participate at European Coding School Datorium.

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Study with top professional tutors experienced at Uber, Accenture, Rambler, Sellfy, Decta and other leading international IT companies.​

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Learn C#, Python, Web development, JavaScript, making apps, bots and many more. Prepare yourself for highly paid prestige jobs! ​

From Zero to Hero

Do you start from zero? Or you already have coding skills? Join our powerful multi level study program with any level of knowledge. We will challenge you to get stronger!

Boost your English

Many study projects are done in English, which significantly improves students' language skills and allows them to learn IT terminology. Knowing English makes our students ready for working in international companies.

Launch your carreer

Over several semesters students acquire strong skills in object-oriented programming, web and application development and other required technologies to get ready for their international career in IT.

Build your portfolio

While learning at Datorium, students gradually build their own strong portfolios of ready apps and solutions. It allows them to demonstrate and prove their digital skills in IT field, for a job interview, hackathon, or any school event.

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Places in groups are limited!

Reserve your place for the lessons starting from September 2020.

100% money back-guarantee.


Academic year duration 8 months
60 Per month
  • 4 in-class or 8 online lessons per month
  • 80 minutes per lesson
  • Full access to online server
  • Individual consultations
  • Full technical support
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Academic year

8 month, you get one month for free
420 Per academic year
  • 4 in-class or 8 online lessons per month
  • 80 minutes per lesson
  • Full access to online server
  • Individual consultations
  • Full technical support
  • 100% money back guarantee

Book your place for September 2020

The number of places in groups is limited.

Booking priority is assigned according to the registration date.
Autumn semester courses start on September 14.

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For every student aged 14 or above! Can you imagine a profession or business without digital technology? We cannot, because we make payments in mobile apps, we communicate with customers using various web applications, we order pizza or a taxi with our smartphones, we buy goods in online stores, we talk to friends in online social platforms, you name it. That is why we prepare young people, regardless of the chosen profession, for a modern and rapidly developing digital world. Students, who want to become professional programmers, will get a very powerful foundation and skills to successfully start their IT career.

Roughly with the same, what makes actual driving with experienced instructor different form the theoretical driving lessons. It is necessary to gain real-life skills, to make fast decisions on the road, to deal with other drivers and apply specific knowledge for each situation. At Datorium, we prepare our students allowing them to make a lot of mistakes, correct them and learn from the process. Every student uses the power of the community by discussing his/her case and getting support from both tutors and their peer students. Our leading tutors are experienced professionals from a companies with big names and who are passionate and find a common language with youth.

Yes, indeed for each course, if you will participate at least at 80% of the program and complete the courses (attendance and participation are recorded). The certificate will be issued by the “European Coding School”, which is a formal education institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.

Classes take place in Riga schools as well as online. On working days classes usually start at or after 16:00, while on Saturdays classes can start at 9:00 and later during the day. Our primary locations are Riga State 3rd Gymnasium, Agenskalns State Gymnasium, Riga Classical Gymnasium and Riga French Lyceum. Locations can also be viewed on the interactive map in the contact us section.

It depends on the course. Entry level courses are held at school computer labs, so you do not need to take your laptop. In more advanced groups students usually use their own laptops. You will be informed precise information about this, while applying for a particular course. 

 Yes. “European Coding School” is an educational institution for children and youth registered by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. Tuition fees for all programs may be submitted to the SRS and are eligible for exemptions as expenses for education.

Due to limited places in the groups, we will give priority to those who have paid-in their places in advance. The demand for some groups are particularly high, which makes reservation system easy for participants to secure their places and for us to plan our groups. If you will change your mind during the first 2 lessons of any course, you will be refunded 100% form the paid-in amount.

If you change your mind during the first 2 lessons of any course, then you will be refunded 100% of paid-in fee. You can change your mind for any reason and the refund is unconditional.

European coding School

Datorium has received a Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission, signed by Mr. Roberto Viola, Director General of Communications, Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission.

European Coding School is the official name of the educational institution licensed (license number 3351803339) by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia, a member state of the European Union. “Datorium” is registered trademark of the European Coding School.

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