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Datorium has received a Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission, signed by Mr. Roberto Viola, Director General of Communications, Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission.

European Coding School is the official name of the educational institution licensed (license number 3351803339) by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia, a member state of the European Union. “Datorium” is registered trademark of the European Coding School.

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Student success

Our students’ success is our success. Datorium students are invited by IT companies for internships and junior positions, starting from the age of 17-18. We believe that working on real IT projects is the best way of learning and growing your career. 

Real Companies

Our mission is to prepare students for real practice and work, mainly in European and other international IT companies such as Accenture, Cognizant, Tieto, Nordigen, Sellfy, Scandiweb, Emergn and many others, which are actively represented in Western and Eastern Europe.

Excellent support

Students get first class support from our tutors during and after the lessons. Datorium offers multiple channels of support but the most popular is our Discord server, which is the best place for students to get almost immediate support from both their tutors and the strong Datorium community.

We Keep It Simple

We prove that complex issues can be explained in a simple way. We are not a university or a college, where theory comes first. Our mission is to enable and motivate our students to get engaged, to experiment, to make mistakes and correct them, to learn how to learn and how to apply knowledge to get real results.

Your success - our success

Your dream career - our mission

Students study at Datorium on average for more than a year, starting with near-zero knowledge in coding and growing to young specialists equipped with strong fundamental coding and digital skills.

Datorium is more than a bunch of courses. Datorium is a lab where we create a strong community, supporting our students wherever they are. Thus, your dream career is our mission.

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Tomass Vite

Tomas is professional software developer in a global IT company Accenture. Tomass develops enterprise grade applications using Java and front-end web applications using JavaScriptand Angular framework. At Datorium, Tomass teaches the Web Teach course with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Maxim graduated from 3 year Datorium study program and now is junior Python web development specialist. During his studies Maxim demonstrated very strong knowledge and skills in Python and supported a lot of other students to obtain first-class knowledge in Python. In Datorium Maxim assists senior tutors as well as holds his own entry level Python course.

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