Your dream career - our mission

Our goal is to motivate and prepare young people to realize their ideas in a global digital environment!


We motivate teens to get involved, experiment, create and apply knowledge in real applications. We make then independent thinkers and creators.

Professional tutors

We have experienced teachers with extensive business experience who are able to tell complex things to young people in an interesting way

Student achievements

Our students create real applications, are able to apply programming and digital skills and are ready to launch their start-ups and careers.

Our Team

Tomass Vite

Tomas is professional software developer in a global IT company Accenture. Tomass develops enterprise grade applications using Java and front-end web applications using JavaScriptand Angular framework. At Datorium, Tomass teaches the Web Teach course with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Viesturs is a professional web full-stack developer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently he works as senior software engineer at Dynatech, a company that builds custom IT solutions. Previously he holt Chief Technological Officer and Developer positions at Froont - one of the leading developers of responsive web design tools. Viesturs teaches Python, JavaScript and Angular at Datorium.


Maxim graduated from 3 year Datorium study program and now is junior Python web development specialist. During his studies Maxim demonstrated very strong knowledge and skills in Python and supported a lot of other students to obtain first-class knowledge in Python. In Datorium Maxim assists senior tutors as well as holds his own entry level Python course.


Ingmars is the junior project manager, actively helping to get things done! Ingmars has completed Datorium study programme during which he has demonstrated excellent team-building, project management and communication skills. As a result, his team took prize-winning places in coding and app development hackathons. Ingmars continues his studies at Dobele State Gynmasium and is passionate about team and project management fields.


Jolanta is the Public Relations Manager in the Datorium team. She has excellent communication, project management and leadership skills. In her work Jolanta ensures communication between the company and the public, creates a positive image of the company, prepares press releases, coordinates radio and television interviews, maintains contacts between partners and companies, and participates in the organisation of events such as the Datorium Tech Stage.

Datorium - European Coding School

We are one of the leading schools that help teens to learn programming easily. Our lecturers are experienced experts with business experience, who provide valuable insight into the wide applicability of programming and are involved in real projects.
Datorium has received a Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission, signed by Mr. Roberto Viola, Director General of Communications, Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission.

Official education institution

European Coding School is the official name of the educational institution registered by SIA Riga International Tuition Centre and licensed (license number 3351803339) by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia, a member state of the European Union. “Datorium” is registered trademark of the SIA Riga International Tuition Centre.