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Coding is not about Typing
it is about Community

We Are In Discord​

You will get active support from our Discord community. Just ask, and you will get a valuable answer and a consultation from our tutors and community members. If you need general support, ask your question at #support channel and Datorium team will quickly help you. Datorium tutors share codes and links during live lessons in Discord. Students share their screens and ask live questions. Join our Discord server

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Hey, you can start your career at the age of 17-18

In Datorium students study on average more than a year, starting with near-zero knowledge and reaching internship and junior placements in real tech companies at the age of 16 and older. We have very strong courses and tutors for the successful start of your career.

Coding Apps with C#

Modern and very powerful programming language will secure your career and prepare you for Unity platform. Our students practice in Visual Studio - top application development environment.

Python logo

Python Web development

Python is no doubt the most popular and fastest growing programming language today. Datorium students learn Python to develop web applications like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Dropbox and others made with Python.

Unity GameDev

After completing C# full course, our students are ready to dive into GameDev with one of the most popular and powerful Unity engine. They learn game design and most importantly game scripting with C# and make their fully functional games.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web technologies are the fastest growing today. Every organization has its website and many people use web apps like Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, Airbnb. Thus, our students get skilled in those technologies to secure their successful career start.

Angular logo

Angular for pro students

Datorum students get ready for real life by learning technologies which are used in leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber and many more. JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React are leading technologies in front-end web development.

GitHub logo

Collaborate in GitHub

Coding is not only about writing code. It is about organizing your workflow and collaboration. Datorium students have their own GitHub accounts where they make their showcase portfolios, collaborate with each other and work like pros do.

Dual monitor

What Do you need to Start?

Laptop, Mac/PC

We strongly recommend to use dual monitor setup for your studies, like professionals do. Usually that is your laptop, where you make your projects, and one external larger monitor, where you see the tutor’s screen and communicate. 

Practical point: you can use a TV as an external monitor, or you can also purchase 5-10 year old cheap monitor. Trust us, it will be very fine for coding lessons.


Most frequent questions and answers

Although you can start with any available PC/Mac or laptop, we recommend minimum Intel i3 AMD Ryzen 3 processor, but better I5/Ryzen 5 series or above. For better performance min 8 GB RAM and some 10 GB free space in your SSD. For C#/Unity courses we recommend Windows PC, for others all them are good.

We have active community support at Discord, which means you ask and answer questions and stay in touch with tutors and all the Datorium community all the time, 24/7, even after the classes.

It depends on the course. But usually close to 60 euros per month for a live course. You always have money back guarantee, meaning you can drop the course for any reason during the first 2 weeks, and get all paid money back. We have also free courses, which you can try and see how you like them.

Yes, sure. But it also depends on how many courses you have accomplished and you age. If you have studied and practiced with us close to 2 years, then from age 16 till 18 you can usually get internship position (usually during summer time), which in many companies is paid (for example in Riga approximately 400 euros per month for full time internship)  Our students are demanded by IT and Tech companies mostly from ages 17-18, when they can legally sign contracts for a part of full time position.

Meet Dmitry, our pro Python tutor

Dmitry is a pro Python back-end web developer. He graduated form Newcastle University (UK) Computer Sciences and has worked in companies, such as Uber, Rambler and Evolution Gaming. Dmitry is currently the lead software architect at Sellfy and is a fully certified Amazon Web Services DevOps professional. Dmitry has a very strong and demanding personality, while always open to share his extensive skills.