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Gain modern and competitive digital skills, become competitive and conquer the global digital world!

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Join the global community of digital youth! Students from more than 300 schools all over world participate at European Coding School Datorium.

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Participate in our live online or in-class courses with top professionals who worked for Uber, Accenture, Rambler, Sellfy etc. You will learn coding step-by-step and very quickly. Enjoy the process and create your own apps and solutions.

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Our courses for students

In Datorium students study on average for more than a year, starting with near-zero knowledge and reaching internship and junior placements in real tech companies at age of 16 and older. We have very strong courses and tutors for the successful start of your career.

Coding Apps with C#

Modern and very powerful programming language will secure your career and prepare you for Unity platform. Our students practice in Visual Studio - top application development environment.

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Python Web development

Python is no doubt the most popular and fastest growing programming language today. Datorium students learn Python to develop web applications like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Dropbox and others made with Python.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web technologies are the fastest growing today. Every organization has its website and many people use web apps like Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, Airbnb. Thus, our students get skilled in those technologies to secure their successful career start.

Unity GameDev

After completing C# full course, our students are ready to dive into GameDev with one of the most popular and powerful Unity engine. They learn game design and most importantly game scripting with C# and make their fully functional games.

React for advanced Web

Datorum students get ready for real life by learning technologies which are used in leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber and many more. JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js are leading technologies in front-end web development.

Collaborate in GitHub

Coding is not only about writing code. It is organizing your workflow and collaboration. Datorium students have their own GitHub accounts where they make their showcase portfolios, collaborate with each other and work like pros do.

Strong Skills over naked Theory

Our Strong Points

Datorium is not a college or a university. We provide practical, applied skills. Engagement, strong motivation and support of students are what make us different. We are convinced that portfolio of own projects each student creates is a very valuable proof of being able to do, rather than simply knowing something.

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Tomass Vite

HTML/CSS/JavaScript tutor


C#, .NET, GitHub tutor

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