Opportunity for girls aged 14-19 learn Python programming language

Datorium invites every girl age 14-19 to take her first steps in coding with Python programming language. The course is specifically designed to support girls in learning digital skills and coding in a friendly #girlsonly environment.

“Nowadays, coding becomes an essential skill and it’s definitely not only for men. ICT field needs more girls!” says Angela Jafarova, co-founder of Datorium. “We have created a unique online coding course, PyGirls, only for girls aged 14-19 years. During 2 months, girls will learn Python, one of the most popular programming languages, and create their first apps. In addition to coding skills, girls will improve their logical thinking and work with modern digital tools, in order to, effectively collaborate in the development of their projects and work remotely in teams. Furthermore, the tutor of the course is also a woman to make girls feel completely free and not be afraid to ask even a simple question. A positive tutor, with experience in working with youngsters, will encourage and inspire girls to code and learn new digital skills. I am happy to announce that our supporter for PyGirls batch 2024 is Riga City Council and I am looking forward to extending our cooperation to inspire more young people about the exciting world of technology and STEAM.

“I believe every girl can code! I have been PyGirls tutor for 3 years and every year I receive messages form my girl students saying, OMG if I knew coding can be so much fun and so interesting, I would have tried before! Together we can change stereotypes, that coding is something very complicated and boring. Nowadays basic digital and coding skill are must-have for every girl, if she wants to run her own business, work in modern international company or have successful career in any field.” says Luīze Kadakovska, Datorium tutor (see photo).
Every girl aged 14 – 19 will be able to study in this course for free with support of Riga City Council and Datorium.

You can apply for the course until March 15 here: https://link.datorium.eu/pygirls-2024

Coding lessons will be held online twice a week on Wednesdays 18.00-19.30 and Saturdays 11.00-12.30 (GMT+2). Lessons will start on March 27 and will be held in Latvian. All coding lessons will be recorded and available for girls in the online learning platform. Girls need a computer with internet connection to participate in the course.

More than 300 girls have already completed PyGirls course and 86% decided to take another coding course. Participants of the PyGirls course will join Datorium Discord server community, which currently gathers together more than 10,500 young people with an interest in coding and technologies, offering them interesting discussions, free events, chance to find their first internship or job, as well as many other exciting opportunities.

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