Datorium Team Shines at EU Code Week Encore in Brussels

Brussels, March 19, 2024 – The buzz from the 11th EU Code Week is still ringing in Europe, and the recent EU Code Week Community Meeting on March 7, 2024, took the excitement to new heights. Among the cheerful atmosphere, the Datorium team stood out for their outstanding work in promoting digital literacy and empowerment.


The meeting was a chance for everyone to look back on the successes of EU Code Week 2023 and plan for an even better EU Code Week 2024. With lots of energy and teamwork, participants shared experiences, discussed ideas, and set ambitious goals to boost digital skills and creativity all over Europe.


Cheerful was this event for the Datorium community team “Exacto,” who arrived to Brussels for their trophy for second place in the EU Code Week Hackathon. They competed well against teams from Albania (1st place) and Greece (3rd place), showing innovation and creativity by developing an application in order to increase students motivation to study STEMS subjects. 

Datorium also took a stand for gender equality in technology at the “Women in Digital High-Level Meeting” organized by the European Commission on March 8th. Angela Jafarova, co-founder of  Datorium, spoke up about the challenges women face in ICT careers and called for more efforts to make the digital world more inclusive for girls and women.


“Datorium team is determined to narrow the gender gap in STEM fields and support the next generation of female leaders in STEM and Tech industries,” said Anžela Džafarova. “We need to take actions today, so that our children tomorrow will not wonder if the ICT sector has any gender restrictions. We all drive cars today – men and women, without thinking if that is appropriate. Tomorrow we all should have basic digital skills and all speak one more foreign language of modern digital world – programming language.” 

Datorium’s innovative EdTech solution is already making a substantial impact in Latvia  (implemented in 84 Latvian public schools and used by 5 000 students weekly), showing modern approach to digital education. Datorium team believes that empowering students with modern digital skills during the blended/hybrid learning process at schools is revealing great potential of young people as future shapers of the global economy. 

As EU Code Week continues to bring communities together across Europe, Datorium remains dedicated to making positive changes and unlocking the endless possibilities of digital innovation.

Link to “Exacto” presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3UABvLO–Y&ab_channel=RobzLegz

Live pitch:


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