I am not comfortable with Math, can I learn Coding/Programming?

The short answer: Absolutely yes

I have been teaching Math at universities (mostly advanced Math or so-called Calculus, where you study derivatives, integrals and differential equations and). From my experience, Math is truly exciting and useful science and tool (what a discovery). Let us say you are developing a game, where you need to calculate trajectory and the collision force of a flying object. As you may understand, you just cannot do it without Math and Physics (btw, we can consider Physics as applied Math). Or you are developing a banking application, where you need many calculated fields in a database for currency or security trading data. This is also Math, but this time applied to Finance.

Math and coding

If we talk about coding (or programming in broader sense), then majority of coding tasks does not require deep, if any, math knowledge. For example, building front-end of a web application, creating API solution, developing a mobile app for a music band or a construction company. But having solid math skills will help you to think in more structured way and will definitely make you distinguished and capable of taking more complex, hence most probably better paid and more unique projects, which require rigorous calculations. Game physics, banking systems, embedded applications for cars are just few fields to mention.

What about other IT fields?

As you may already know, IT is not only about calculations. It is much diverse than we may think. In IT field, you can manage projects or teams, design digital products (like websites, mobile apps or  games), test digital products, work on business process digitalization, explore how customers use your apps and websites and improve their experience, develop excellent human-centric front-end solutions and many more.

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